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23rd July 2006

dev_chieftain11:51pm: Gogai Gogai Gogai
JOIN US, BRETHREN. Here's the address: Port: 7727

Connect and apply today!

Pimp the address if you'd like!

And always, always pet your moomba.
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dev_chieftain5:12am: Welcome to FF8mush, and enjoy your flight! I will be serving as your charstaffer this morning...
So let's get right to it, shall we?

Hi, you may remember me from such films as That Crazy LJer, Obsidian Acropolis and Something Familiar About You. I'm your character staffer at FF8mush, which basically means that I'm going to be helping you with the application process a lot so you can play at the mush, and reviewing your applications once we get to that point. The mush isn't quite ready to be aired out just yet, as we're lacking some of the grid, but we're close enough to opening that I've decided it's time for a serious kick in the ass to get things going. (I can be impatient like that, tee hee. You don't want to know when we were supposed to be open by.)

Now, what on earth of value could I have to say as your Charstaffer, you might wonder; nothing but the most important thing of all to know! As future applicants to FF8mush, you might want to know who the 'FC' cast is for the game. Here's the list of those that will be considered FCs, so you can decide if you want to apply as one of them, or as an Original Character.

The FC-listCollapse )

Keep in mind when planning character concepts that we're not going to have anyone coming back from the dead, and the game will be starting post-FF8. Naturally, that means that anyone who died in the course of the game (or in some cases, before the start of the game) will remain dead. There are no dragonballs in this world, alas. (But there is that king of the dragons. ...in the middle of the ocean. He's not a very social guy, that guy.)

This is doubtless the least-wise hour of all that I could have chosen to write this post during, but here it is nonetheless; please put any questions for us either in a comment on this post, or an email sent to the email address lampmagiATgmailDOTcom. We'll do our best to respond, and hopefully open this week. Looking forward to working with you, my dear, dear players.

Oh, and! You can call me Magic Lamp.

Note the dancing The Cheat.

Yes. Yes.
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19th July 2006

kwith6:01pm: News Theme Overview
Here's the overview theme file, one of a set for each area:

File!Collapse )

18th July 2006

kwith2:12pm: FF8MUSH Progress
The newsfiles are complete! Chargen's actually finished, too. All we have left to do is put the finishes on the grid, and we'll be ready for players. Our previous delays have mostly been on account of RL of the staffers, but now we're actually about ready, and such problems are out of the way. We look forward to handing out the address and seeing what all of you think. Keep watching this community and we'll have it up soon.

Hope to see you there!
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31st December 2005

kwith7:29pm: About the MUSH
Hello, everyone! This would be your friendly headwiz. I wanted to go ahead and give an update on the MUSH, since you've been waiting (?) as patiently as you all have.

Many, if not most, of the news files have been written; we have a substantial grid. We have an established theme, and we have an efficient staff. All characters are still open for application. For the curious, we're running on PennMUSH. We're in good shape thus far, and our opening date is set (gasp) in early 2006.

However, this doesn't mean that it's too late for input. Is there anything that you players-to-be particularly want to see in an FF8 MUSH? I'd be happy to hear your ideas for what's going on. (For that matter, if you have friends who'd be interested in seeing such a place, too, then awesome.)

Happy New Year, and good gaming.

8th November 2005

kwith11:34pm: Consider this to be the inaugural post of the MUSH's LJ community! Soon, there will be other things posted here, but for now, welcome to FFVIII!

...And so forth. Remember, you're to be in your seats and waiting five minutes before the Instructor arrives.
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